The article below was written by Moses Goldman on How We Make Money Online approximately one month ago.  Luke Murray is listed as the number two day trader, out of ten.  However, when they say his weakness is he does not alert trades on Twitter first thing in the morning, it is because he is running his chat room and alerting the trades on there and through emails to his customers, it would not be fair to paying customers for him to do this on Twitter.   As you can see www.fastmoneytraders.com service by Luke Murray is one of the best around and he is ethical in all of his trades.  You will not see him frontloading trades.  His patience in teaching and sharing his knowledge really shows how day traders are benefiting from his expert advice.

Also, Nathan Michaud, number six day trader shown in the article, was found guilty of impropriety in a case with the SEC.  Here is the website to the article:  https://www.goodetrades.com/2012/01/penny-stock-trader-nate-michaud-settles-with-sec-in-pump-dump-case/

By:  Moses Goldman

10 Best Day Traders to Follow on Twitter

Here’s the million-dollar question: who are the 10 Best Day Traders to Follow on Twitter? For a long time, Iike an explorer wandering in the desert in search of water, I looked everywhere for great stock traders to learn from. Great traders who could become my mentors. Distant, digital mentors, that is. I searched long and hard and wandered in vain. Until I turned to Twitter. And it was like…Boom! Eureka! I felt like I had struck gold.

So, in this post, I am going to pick the Top 10 Day Traders to Follow on Twitter. The stock market (or share market as they call it in the U.K, India and much of Asia) is a huge system. There are many online day traders playing the stock market on Wall Street. However, for the purpose of this write up, I am focusing only on known penny stock traders who are very active on Twitter. Also, I am most interested in day traders who post real time alerts on Twitter. I want to feel market sentiment. If a stock is spiking up or plunging down the cliff, I want to know in real time so I can quickly jump in and buy it or short it. Period.

Remember, I have been following these traders for about 3 years! I have come to really know their trading style.

10 Best Day Traders to Follow on Twitter: Okay, enough. Let’s go.  Here are the 10 Best Day Traders to Follow on Twitter;

10 Best Day Traders to Follow on Twitter:   #1. Madaz

Twitter Handle@madaznfootballr

Number of Twitter Followers: 11,100

Strength: Madaz is probably the only day trader who posts his profit and loss on Twitter every single day. Yes, every single day! While many penny stock traders hide behind the trading curtain, Madaz is out in the open, posting his profit and loss for all to see, including big losses. Madaz is a short-biased trader but regularly goes long too.

Madaz is always tweeting in real time. If a stock is moving up or down on Wall Street, you can bet that Madaz will tweet about it in real time. In addition, Madaz genuinely tries to help many new traders to master the art of trading. Sometimes, he’ll record high quality trading videos just to help new traders. And he does it all for free!

Weakness: Madaz doesn’t seem to have any significant weakness. Still, it’s important to note that Madaz is a scalper who usually trades 10 to 30 times a day. Some may find this too risky. Too many trades. Remember, for most day traders, it’s highly recommended to trade 2 to 4 times a day.

Most Shocking Story about Madaz: In the past couple of months, Madaz seems to be struggling with huge losses, including that $100, 000 loss he reportedly suffered on a “widow-maker” stock with the ticker symbol DRYS. However, Madaz probably made between $250,000 and $500,000 in the past couple of years, and hopefully this cushion should help him recover fully.


Twitter Handle@EliteDayTraders

Number of Twitter Followers: 30,300 updated

Strength: Luke is one of the most dominant and experienced day traders on Twitter. He runs one of the best stock trading chat rooms on Wall Street. He tweets almost non-stop from the opening bell to closing bell. Very few stock traders tweet as many times as Luke tweets. Like Tim Sykes and Madaz. While he loves to scalp lightning fast like Madaz, he regularly swing-trades and dives into stock options as well. He performs some of the most robust stock research on Wall Street. He loves to dig deeper into SEC and corporate 10k filings. Luke is also a short-biased trader but regularly goes long too.

Weakness: Luke only tweets his full profit and loss once in a long while, unlike Madaz. Also, he usually tweets only after 9:45am. For many traders, it’s important to know what ‘s hot in premarket and also get alerts on stocks moving right after the opening bell.

Most Shocking Story about Luke Murray: Luke used to be a U.S Marine. Military discipline is his edge!?


10 Best Day Traders to Follow on Twitter: #3. Profit Trade Room

Twitter Handle@ProfitTradeRoom

Number of Twitter Followers: 9,676

Strength: Profit Trade Room is one of the most reliable day traders to follow on Twitter. If a stock is moving, you can bet that Profit Trade Room will tweet about it in real time. He tweets non-stop all day, including premarket and afterhours. If you are looking for real time alerts on the stock market, Profit Trade Room is the penny stock trader to follow on Twitter. Period.

Weakness: He never tweets his own profit and loss. Not even once!

Most Shocking Story about Profit Trade Room: None

For the rest of the traders go to:  https://www.howwemakemoneyonline.com/top-10-day-traders-to-follow-on-twitter/