Day Trading $500 in 90 minutes

Luke Murray created lifestyle trading for the day trading chat room at www.fastmoneytraders.com.   Here is a review of how it works, 30 minutes before the bell rings Luke alerts trades live on the mic with the goal of making $5oo in the first 90 minutes of trading.  Luke also alerts trades throughout the day.

Luke will put approximately 10-15k dollars in each trade. In some cases, he will hit his goal on the first trade within minutes of the market open. Other times it takes 3 to 4 trades to reach his goal.

Luke calls it a lifestyle goal because he is trying to get people to realize that this can be a life changing lifestyle for many people. $500 dollars a day is a lot of money, that adds up to over 110k dollars a year. Like everything this takes a lot of due diligence on your part. Luke is trading his own money and is controlling his own trades as should you. These are fast paced trades where he is looking for fast momentum movers. Just as fast as they go up, they can come down so make sure you are keeping losses at a minimum.

Luke shares the screens live and announces his trades live on the mic walking you through each trade, what to watch for, when to buy, when to sell and why.

Day trading takes a lot of skill and understanding of the stock market.  I always recommend that most people start out swing trading, as it is slower and easier to get a grasp as a beginner and then work your way to day trading.

Luke typically does this on a day to day basis but he wants to emphasize that people can set goals and trade for a living. He also wants people to learn that if they meet their goals, they have the option to stop and be done for the day.  It is always good to quit when you are ahead and Luke will remind you to do this in chat.

Luke also Tweets throughout the day, his live trades are not posted on Twitter, as those are for his paid subscribers in his chatroom.  He does post his entry and exit price on Twitter every day.

The monthly fee for Luke’s chat is $89.99 and there are no other hidden charges, no exorbitant fees and no smoke and mirrors.  We have people of all ages in chat, from beginners to intermediate to experienced day traders who continue to learn from Luke.   Sign up at  www.fastmoneytraders.com to learn from the best!

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