Chat Guidelines

How Chat Works

During market hours (9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST) the sole purpose of the stock chat is to spot and share important money making information quickly. Chart setups, significant news and solid future catalysts should make up the bulk of the conversation. If it’s not relevant for to the group, then simply don’t say it. Remember, if you’re in the chat you’re there to make money, the information you’re sharing should be directly related to that.

Lets make this a fun place where everyone looks forward to coming into the next day

General Chat

Try to keep the chat related to stocks and the markets. Leave politics out as this is a quick and sure way to step on toes.


Chat Guidelines

Please make sure you fully understand the chat guidelines because they’re designed to help the group make more money than loosely run chats generally full of losing traders. Remember, about 90% of traders lose money trading regardless of what they tell you. That means in a chat room of 100, 10 traders make money while 90 do not. The people in my chat rooms win because they listen, treat trading like a job and are disciplined.

Many of my clients have large portfolios or are working on building large portfolios and are very serious traders. These clients expect a professional environment within chat and are of the belief that LESS is MORE.

Failure to follow chat guidelines does not come with a warning. This is not a baby sitting service. We are all adults so please present yourself as such. I have had high school kids in chat in the past learning to trade and doing projects so you never know when someone is in chat who will take offense to swearing.

  • Per SEC regulation, I am not an investment advisor which means I’m definitely not your personal investment advisor. Therefore, DO NOT ask me to look at your watch list / portfolio in chat or by email, I simply won’t answer.
  • If you’re confused during market hours you’re better off paper trading until you know what you’re doing. Wall Street does not give your money back.
  • Swearing or implied swearing is not allowed, period. There are no warnings, you’ll simply be kicked from the chat.
  • From 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST limit off topic chatter. Extended off topic discussions about brokers, pattern day trading, general market conditions can be done through private messaging or discussed after hours in the chat room.
  • DO NOT discuss illiquid stocks
  • If you make a contribution to the chat room please use CAPS for symbols. Tickers should be posted normally such as XYZ or ABC so they are easy to copy and paste into a chart, level 2 or watch list of your own.
  • Outside links are not allowed in chat, period.
  • Acronyms are lower case to avoid confusion with upper case tickers.
  • No pumping, promoting or bashing stocks. If there is relevant news, then summarize it in a sentence or two but do not just copy and past press releases.
  • Significant abuses that will lead to banning from chat include but are not limited to: spamming, harassment of other users, use of sexually demeaning or racist language.

Key Terms And Acronyms

In the chat, make sure your acronym use is always lower case leaving upper case use only for tickers.

adr – average daily range over a # of days, larger the # the more volatile

dd – due diligence, do your homework and chat isn’t the place to share extensive d/d

dt – day trade, hold time minutes to hours

er – earnings report/release

eod – end of day

g/r – green to red

hod – high of day

htb – hard to borrow

itm – in the money

lbb – lower Bollinger band

lod – low of day

nhod – new high of day

nlod – new low of day

on – overnight

otm – out of the money

r – resistance

rr – risk to reward

r/g – red to green

s – support

s/r – support and resistance, e.g. s/r $7.50 / $11

ss – short sale

st – swing trade, hold time one to four days

ubb – upper Bollinger band

Don’t see a key term or acronym here? Let us know!